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Here at Rock It HQ, we are big fans of the Shop Local and Shop Indie movement, so considering we are most definitely not a "faceless corporation", it only seems appropriate to show the faces behind the business and introduce you to the gang!

The original "Rock It Tots" and my main inspiration are my three wee firecrackers!

Ivy is the oldest (by an all-important minute), although I would say it's her twin sister Lily who is currently winning in the bossiness stakes.  They will be 4 next month and I have been reminded of this fact several times a day since Christmas (37 sleeps to go!!!).  Despite being identical twins, they are most definitely not a "copy & paste" job: Lily is a bit of a performer (read: show-off!) while Ivy is slightly more reserved, but in no way a wallflower.  They are both totally and unashamedly bonkers.  


They love dancing, drawing, flying their kites and poo. Yes, toilet humour is alive and well Chez Rockette at the moment, much to my overflowing joy. They also totally and utterly adore their baby sister....

...Cléo, a.k.a. Baby C, a.k.a. The Squidge.

Our glorious squidgey C is 10 months old and a total joy...apart from when she's not getting her way....and apart from at night (it's no coincidence that this was one of my first designs)!  But, with a smile as cheeky as this, it's hard to deny her what she wants - she most definitely has us all under her tiny, chubby thumb!

So, as you can see (and as I am often told) I have my hands full and that's before we even get to the business side of life!  Thankfully, I have back-up in the tall, dark and Gallic form of my Frenchie husband Albin, a photography and gadget-loving year abroad romance who has somehow managed to put up with me for a further ten years and counting since that year abroad ended!

That just leaves 'lil old moi!  I'm Hannah, a 30-something vintage-loving, slightly (OK, very) dotty "mum"preneur.  I say "mumpreneur" because I am in a constant balancing act between full-time mothering and full-time business...who needs sleep?!!  

I first took the leap into business in 2011 designing and making custom designer childrenswear and Rock It Tots is a natural progression from that.  I have a real passion for bringing fun, quirkiness and a sense of humour to children's clothing.  I do not believe that kids should be dressed like mini adults and I am not a subscriber to the cult of pink or blue.  That's why you'll not find much in the way of cutesy here, but you will find plenty of bold, (mostly) gender-neutral, fun and funky baby clothes and quirky cool kids' clothes to banish boring from your tots' wardrobes!  

Rock It Tots may be a new kid on the block, but I have big plans and a brain full of exciting ideas!  Keep in touch via one (or all!) of the methods below to follow our progress from lift-off to orbit!

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February 04, 2014 by Hannah Roussel

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