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March is birthday month Chez Rockette with not one, not two, but all three of our girls celebrating their special days within 8 days of each other!  With Ivy and Lily's birthday last year being a bit of a wash-out due to me being very pregnant and very poorly and this being Cleo's all-important 1st, I decided I wanted to make this year's birthday season one to remember and I thought I'd share some of the lovely ideas I've come across so that you can make your small people's birthdays extra-special too!

1.    Bring on the balloons!

My kids are totally dotty about balloons and I'm guessing that yours are too!  So what better way to add some magical fun to a birthday morning than to have a shed load of them appear overnight?  There are lots of great ways to use them, but here are my favourites:

Photo credits L-R Lila Was Here, Sidetracked MomHeart 2 Home

My favourite of all the great balloon ideas I've seen on my interweb travels has to be filling a child's room with helium balloons while they sleep so that it's the first thing they see when they wake up in the morning! I can imagine it must be such a magical experience, although this idea does require your sproglets to be fairly heavy sleepers!  If yours aren't, or you'd rather  not go down the helium route, then how about a balloon avalanche when your birthday boy or girl opens their door in the morning?  A fair bit of effort required, but the look on their face as they open the door would be priceless!  Failing that, a slightly easier but no less lovely option is to make a balloon curtain over their door or maybe over the living room or kitchen door - either way, what better way to start the day than with a colourful, balloony surprise?!

2.    A Birthday Breakfast Extravaganza!

Let's face it: breakfast can be a fairly dull affair a lot of the time, so why not push the boat out and add some birthday magic to the most important meal of the day?  Whether it be pancakes, waffles, doughnuts or something else entirely, some sprinkles and a candle will make it a breakfast they'll be buzzing about for the rest of the day and remembered for weeks to come!

3.    Skip the birthday card...

...and think outside (or rather inside!) the box!  Again, there are lots of lovely ideas out there, but these are my favourites: a birthday banner and a birthday message attached to balloons in a box!  Both of these ideas are totally DIY-able for something really personal and can be scaled up or down according to your time and skills!  Click on the links below to go to the original blog posts these came from for more pics and instructions!

Photo credits clockwise: Oh Happy Day, Simply Radiant, Studio DIY

4.    Keep an annual 'birthday record'

I love the idea of having something to look back on over the years to track how our little ones have grown up and how their world view has changed.  That's why I created a birthday record booklet to record a snapshot of my kids on each of their birthdays to be pored over with my husband on a distant rainy (and hopefully wine-filled) evening when they'll be too old and cool to want to celebrate their birthdays with us!  

If you like this idea too, I have created a free downloadable version you can print out yourself and fill in for smaller tots or give to older children to fill in themselves.  There are fun "interview" questions for them to answer, as well as spaces for a photo, a hand print (or silhouette for less mess!) and a drawing of their family.  Simply print it double-sided onto some nice heavy A4 paper or light card and fold in half!  Enjoy! 


5.    Treat them to an extra-special birthday t-shirt!

Your wee boy or girl will be tickled pink to unwrap a special customised age t-shirt on their birthday morning and they'll be begging you to wear it again and again for weeks after!  Here at Rock It Tots we have a brand new (and growing) range of unique birthday t-shirts for ages 1-5 in bright and bold colours and with funky eye-catching designs.  

Each one is lovingly personalised by hand and because we know that kids can come in all shapes and sizes, each design is available in a size up and down from their birthday age!  

If it's a 1st birthday you have coming up, why not think about doing a cake smash photo shoot and team one of our tees with a coordinating nappy cover?  

Forget cutesy or samey alternatives and make sure your child is rocking one of our cool designs instead next birthday!



March 05, 2014 by Hannah Roussel

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