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Hello Little Whirlwinds!

What a *whirlwind* this last week has been!  Firstly, thank you so so much for the countless lovely messages I received following my last blog.  I hadn't really intended on opening up as much as I did - it was more a case of beginning to type and it all flowing out - but I am so glad I did now.  It feels like a big weight has lifted and I have a clean slate to simply be myself and to let you in.  And that's what I want for Little Whirlwinds - yes I admit that I want to create lovely things that that lend themselves to Instagram-worthy pictures, but I also want to be more open, honest and most of all *real*.

We often forget that behind the perfect little squares of social media, whole imperfect lives are being led and it's OK to show those aspects too.  I plan to do more of this as I believe the more we can share and validate each other's imperfections and trying moments, the better we will feel about ourselves.  I know that one aspect of my negative thought patterns for years has been the nagging belief that I am uniquely disastrous or lesser somehow than everyone else.  That I alone was flawed in a world of other people who had it all sussed.  It was only once I started CBT and opened up to close friends that I began to understand that we're all just winging it and full of doubts and flaws and that that's actually kind of normal!  I know I don't have the biggest social media following, but if I can in some way use my small corner of the interwebs to facilitate a way of making other folk feel better about themselves and beat off some negative feelings, then I will consider myself truly lucky.

That's why when I shortly launch a monthly prize for the best photo of you or your little one wearing Little Whirlwinds gear, I am planning to award a second (equal) prize for the "realest" moment shared - the moments you would normally hide away from social media because they don't match up to the ideal lifestyle most people want to present to the world.  More details will follow on this soon and I would love to hear your thoughts!

So how and why did I choose the name Little Whirlwinds instead of carrying on with Rock It Tots?  Well, as I said in my previous post, I was never 100% sold on Rock It Tots.  I had to set the business up within the space of about 2 weeks and it was the first name I came up with that I kind of liked and wasn't already taken! 

I was also feeling like I was coming to a new chapter in my life and that I wanted a whole new identity to mark that change and to allow me to develop both the business and myself.  I spent the entire Christmas holidays trying to find something that felt right and had nearly given up when in the last couple of days, my youngest daughter Cléo burst into the bedroom chattering and twirling and bouncing about and I turned to my husband and said "she's such a little whirlwind isn't she?!".  Suddenly it hit me and I repeated it a couple of times and it somehow just felt right!

When you think about it, whirlwinds are a both wild and a little bit beautiful.  They can totally mix things up and leave something new behind them. People who are whirlwinds are full of energy, creativity and wildness and I don't know about you, but I want to be more like that and less fearful and safe and predictable.  I want my children to embrace those traits even if it means standing out from the crowd and treading their own path.

I also hope it's a name that allows a little more flexibility in terms of what I offer.  I still absolutely love making teeny clothes, even though my youngest is starting school this year, but I also want to branch out into other things.  Over the coming weeks and months expect to see more clothing for grown-ups, gifts & accessories, home items and printed goods such as wall art and greetings cards.  I've been intermittently considering adding party items to my range for about 3-4 years, so who knows, this might be the year I do that too!

So, thank you so much once again for your support and if you want to continue to support me, please do visit my Facebook and Instagram profiles once in a while and like, comment on and share my content.  Facebook are introducing ways of further limiting how much we see of business pages unless through paid advertising and, whilst this could be seen as a good thing in some ways, it will be the death of many small businesses who can't match the advertising ££ of the big fish.  

All the very best to you and thanks for reading this far.  I hope to "see" you soon!

Much love,


March 03, 2018 by Hannah Roussel

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