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Our top 10 hottest baby & kid products of 2013-14

2014 is now well under way and January has proven to be one of the wettest on record.  Here at Rock It Tots, we thought we'd banish the winter blues by taking a look at some of the hottest baby products of the moment. 

From cheap 'n' cheerful and purely practical to outright eye candy luxury, in no particular order, here are 10 of our favourite baby & kids' products to look out for this year.


1.    Moba Contemporary Moses Baskets

Designed with a simplicity Moses himself could have only dreamed of, Moba have totally reinvented the Moses basket for the 21st century.  Made in Britain from a soft, recyclable and hypoallergenic material, they are easy to keep clean and hygenic (especially great for sicky or reflux babies, of which we have had two!) and provide a safe sleeping environment for your precious bundle due to the stable base and specially designed air holes to keep baby well-ventilated.  All this is great, but add in the fact they also come in a big range of the funkiest colours and Moba is set to be a brand that appears in the trendiest homes around the country!
From £89.99

2.    Mima Moon 3-in-1 High chair
Not only is this seat a sublime bit of eye-candy, its unique design is also super practical.  The Mima Moon can be configured in 3 ways: first as a reclining baby seat for your newborn to stay safe and comfortable when you want or need your hands free, second as a high chair and third as a junior seat either at the table at meal times or as a super funky addition to their bedroom.  Its £300ish price tag may seem a lot, but when you compare it to other designer baby seat/high chairs out there and think that it'll last from birth to school-age, it's really not so bad.  Just gorgeous.

3.     Brother Max Dual Purpose Night Light
Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest!  Brother Max have come up with this great new night light that provides a reassuring glow without hogging a plug socket if you need it for other things.  It automatically comes on when it gets dark, switches off when daylight comes and has a safety cover & is cool to the touch to keep little ones out of harm's way.  RRP is a bargainous £9.99. 

4.    Snugglebundl
All parents know the dilemma of what to do when you need to move a sleeping baby and the award-winning Snugglebundl has come to the rescue.  This genius blanket's unique design means that you can use the sturdy carry handles to lift your baby and transfer them from one place to another without disturbing them and without too much strain on a new mum's fragile abdominal and back muscles. The blanket comes complete with harness slits which make it ideal for using in car seats and prams and it can even be used as a handy cover if you feel the need for a little more privacy while breastfeeding in public.  As a mum of twins, I can definitely say that these would have been invaluable in the early days with 2 floppy newborns to carry!  RRP £39.99

5.    4moms Origami Self-folding Pushchair

If you've ever needed to fold a pushchair with one hand whilst holding a wriggly tot and/or umpteen bags of shopping, you will definitely fall in lust with 4moms' new Origami pushchair.  Not only does it *look* all sleek and space-agey, but it has the brains to back it up!  Simply push a button and this amazing buggy will fold itself!!  This clever bit of kit generates charge itself as you push it around town and you can even use it to charge your mobile while out and about! The lights on the bottom of the pushchair's chassis are an added safety bonus for when the evenings draw in and it has plenty of storage for all your bits and bobs. As you can guess, this isn't at the bargain end of the pushchair spectrum, but I guess with the Origami, you really do get what you pay for and the gadgety aspect is sure to appeal to get the dads almost as excited as the mums! £929

6.    ZoLi Reflectoids
Another product that is simple but no less effective for it.  These cute wee characters from ZoLi look great clipped onto a child's backpack by day and by night they keep your child safer in the dark by glowing bright with reflected light and making sure they stand out on dark streets.  Coming soon to the UK and likely to be under £10.

7.    Bebe au Lait Lightweight Muslin Nursing Covers
(Picture of new version not yet available. This is their standard fabric cover)
While the jury's still out for me with regard to nursing covers, I can appreciate that for a lot of mamas they can mean the difference between feeling trapped at home and getting out and about with a hungry boobaholic and that's got to be a plus! This new lightweight version of the popular Bebe au Lait covers is a great idea for providing a cooler and airier environment for baby to feed and with them being made from muslin, I bet they'd be great for absorbency too if required!  Available later this year.

8.    Cybex Aton Q Group 0+ Car Seat

Whilst, at first glance, this may not seem to be the most exciting new product in the list, it has several great new features that really caught my eye.  The video shows off these features far better than I can describe, but having had low birth weight babies, I can say that the automatic height adjustment function is one that particularly jumped out at me as it allows small babies to lie in a much flatter position than traditional car seats meaning no more noddy head when your precious one falls asleep and a much safer and more comfortable ride for them.  The retractable canopy is also a nice feature that neatly combines function with style. This seat is due to be released later this year.  As with all baby safety products, please do your research properly before purchase and do all you can to ensure correct installation.  More info available here.

9.    ErgoCocoon 2.5 tog Hybrid Swaddle & Sleeping Bag

Goodness knows babies grow fast, both in size and in their needs, so this simple but clever swaddle & sleeping bag in one is a great piece of baby kit that should fulfil all your baby's sleep needs for at least a year.  The top part is made from a double layer of soft and stretchy organic cotton on the outside and bamboo terry on the inside while the rest is a warmer 2.5 tog thanks to a soft organic cotton filling. While baby still has the startle reflex you can keep those wee arms contained and cosy by fastening a couple of poppers at shoulder level.  Once baby starts growing and wanting more freedom you can then unfasten the poppers and convert it into a more conventional sleeping bag.  The fact that there's no "origami" as makers ergoPouch call it can only be a bonus when you have a tired and wriggly baby to get to bed!  Available for £42 from Born amongst others.

10.   Tony Tempa Ear Thermometer from Bleep Bleeps

Not only is this digital ear thermometer a bit more friendly-looking to a poorly tot than your average thermometer, but Tony Tempa is also a very clever fellow!  He can send his temperature readings to the corresponding app on your smartphone which allows you to track how a child's fever is progressing and offers appropriate advice.  What clinched it for me though was the fact that you can track multiple children at the same time - a godsend to parents of twins & triplets as well as all families with more than one child where it can be difficult to remember who had what temp and which medicine when!  Not too sure how much this will be yet, but it is due for release in the coming months.  More info available at

So there you have it!  Ten baby and kids' products that have caught our eye and we thought deserved a mention! 

Post by Hannah for Rock It Tots

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February 02, 2014 by Hannah Roussel